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Web Design/ Developer & Marketing Professional

Hi, I'm Nathanael McMillan,

I'm a web design and developer specialising in content and brand marketing. Currently living in London & working for a Large Format Printer Sales Company as a web designer/ developer, marketing executive and brand management. I design everything from HTML Email Campagins to wallpaper. One of the best parts of my job is using large format printers such as the HP Latex 300 series and the Durst Omega 2.

I like to design things, things for web and print
I also like to code and develop websites and web apps
Plus I enjoy marketing




My Skills

I taught myself web design during my second year of university as I ran an Online social enterprise ecommerce website. Since then I've spend hundreds of of hours fine tuning my skills in PHP, HTML, CSS and Photoshop. Since 2012 I have been designing for print, using Adobe InDesign and Illustrator to produce vector graphics and most recently SVG icons for web design.

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  • Icon HTML5 HTML
  • Icon for CSS3 CSS
  • Icon for PHP PHP
  • Icon for Javascript Java-script/ jQuery

Web Development Skills

I build dynamic websites using PHP, HTML, jQuery on my favorite CMS Textpattern. I currently do a lot of work on Word press and have been playing around with Pico (Flat file cms) and concrete5.

Websites I have designed

Here is a selection of websites I have designed.

Perfect Colours

Perfect Colours are a london based large format printer sales and solution company. This is a picture of their website.

I currently work for Perfect Colours, since I joined back in 2012 I have updated the design and made the site mobile responsive.

Visit Perfect Colours

Saturn Yachts

Saturn Yachts website image.

Saturn Yachts sell 'Built to order' high end luxury yachts. This website was designed to showcase their stunning fleet of yachts and their capabilities.

Visit Saturn Yachts

Sunflowers Florist

Sunflowers florist are a family run florist based in london, this is a picture of their website.

Sunflowers Florist are a family run florist based in Bromly London, I designed this website when working freelance. They also did my wedding flowers.

Visit Sunflorist